Natural Spin Turn

Step Beat & Rhythm  Position Alignment Turn Foot work Rise & Fall Description
Foot Body


1 1 RF fwd CBM Facing DW Com to turn R HT Com R e/o 1  
2 2 LF to side Sway R Backing DC 1/4 R Bet 1&2 T Cont R  
3 3 RF closes to LF Sway R Backing LOD 1/8 R bet 2&3 TH Cont R, L e/o 3  
4 1 LF back CBM Down LOD toe turned in 1/2 to R on 4 (pivot) THT  -  
5 2 RF fwd in CBMP CBM Facing LOD Cont to turn. 3/8 R bet 5&6 HT  R e/o 5  
6 3 LF to side & slightly back   Backing DC TH Up. L e/o 6  


1 1 LF back CBM Backing DW Com to turn R TH Com to R e/o 1 NFR  
2 2 RF to side Sway L Pointing to LOD 3/8 R bet 1&2, BTL T Cont to R on 2&3  
3 3 LF closes to RF Sway L Facing LOD BCT TH Cont to R, L e/o 3  
4 1 RF fwd CBM Facing LOD 1/2 to R on 4 (pivoting action) HT -  
5 2 LF back & slightly to side - Backing LOD Cont to turn T R e/o 5  
6 3 RF diag. fwd having brushed to LF - Facing DC 3/8 R bet 5&6 TH Up. L e/o 6  

Foot-Work Turn Dance Positions
T=Toe Com= Commence PP= Promenade Position
H=Heel E/O= (at) end of Prom Pos= Promenade Position
B=Ball of foot Cont= Continue OP= Outside Partner
HT= Heel, then Toe R=Right PO= Partner Outside
TH= Toe, then Heel L=Left ROP= Right Outside Partner
F=  foot (flat foot) BTL= Body Turns Less LOP=  Left Outside Partner
LF= Left Foot BCT= Body Completes Turn SxS= Side-By-Side Position
RF= Right Foot Bet= Between  
W= whole (foot)    
IE= Inside Edge    


Foot Position

Body Position

LOD= Line of Dance RF= Right Foot SLT=slight
DC= Diagonal Center LF= Left Foot CBM=Contra-Body Motion
DW=Diagonal Wall SLT=slight(ly) R=Right
P= (foot) Pointing TTI= Toe Turned In L=Left
A-LOD= Against LOD TTO= Toe Turned Out CBMP= Contra-Body Motion Position

Rise & Fall


Com= Commence S=Slow,  2 beats of music.  
E/O= (at) end of Q=Quick, 1 beat of music  
Cont= Continue    
NFR= No-foot rise    
(Body Rise with heel on the ground)    
R= Rise    
L= Lower